tirsdag 27. mai 2014

Aquilegia Purple Emperor

Common Name: Clementine 
Norwegian Name: Akeleie

Located on either side of the garden, this enjoys sun, sun and sun

Hight: 50-75cm
Width: 10-50cm
Flowering: May through August
Hardiness Zone: H5
Colour: Dark shades of blue

Aquila from lat. meaning Eagle for the Eagle-claw shap. 
Clementine from French meaning Dove, for the shape of 5 perched doves (seen in single aquilegias)

Boiled in water, water has been used as herbal medication for eye and eardrops. Also preventing epileptic seasures, and mixed with wine to mend broken bones. 
Medical use is not adviced, as the poisonous properties outweigh the helpfullness. 
Sickness from eating it: 
Palpitation, Gastroenteritis.

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